Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

MacDev Drone DX, Specs, Info & Bilder die ersehnten Info´s

MacDev schickt sich an das im Mid Range Bereich endlich ein ordentlicher Spooler Markierer zu finden ist. Die MacDev Drone DX ist eine Clone, bei der auf Spielereien verzichtet und sich auf das wesentliche konzentriert wurde. Die Drone DX wurde am 27.06.2011 durch MAXS zugelassen.

Infos und Specs:

Preis: 550 USD

VX all aluminium adjustable clamping feed
VX Venting ASA
VX Inline regulator
VX trigger
New Drone wrap around grip - new materials, very durable

The trigger spacing, and height of the Drone DX is identical to the Clone VX. This has been done to ensure that players can use either gun, without needing to change their playing style. It also has a number of interchangeable parts, so that teams can use a mixture of guns without needing a whole new part set.

You may ask - where is all the cost saving? The Done DX is half the price of the Clone VX. We simply refused to save the cost on build quality - so the gun is made from the same full machined aluminium as the Clone, and uses the same important pneumatic and structural parts. However, we did reduce the cost by adjusting the design of these things:
- Body milling/styling - much simpler, and a little heavier overall than the Clone VX
- Frame milling/styling
- Barrel
- Electonics (no OLED, no USB)
- Drive platform (simpler DX drive)
- Solenoid (simplified to run the DX Drive)
- Eye covers

We understand that everyone would like a release date. Unfortunately, we cannot give one yet, we have done so in the past, and the time has been later than expected, leading to dissapointment, so we would not like to make that mistake again.

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