Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Guerilla Air Extra Low Pressure Myth Regulator

Guerilla Air reagiert auf Anfragen nach geringerem Ausgangsdruck: LP mit 400 psi sind vielen nicht niedrig genug, 275 bis 300 wären schön.

Diese Option wird nun für den Myth Regulator angeboten:

We have been getting several requests for an Extra Low Output Pressure Myth reg. There are some marker manufacturers that feel that while the regular Low Output Pressure of 400 psi suffices, a 275-300 psi output would be the optimum range. 
So in the best interest of keeping ALL our customers happy and providing them with all the options, we are now offering an Extra Low Output Pressure Myth reg. As this is a customized reg with a relatively small sales volume, this will only be available, for now, directly through Guerrilla Air. 

Here is how the pricing will work: 

Option A: Send in your old Myth reg to be changed to ELOP: $10 + s&h

Option B: Buy a new Myth reg with ELOP: $44.95 + s&h

Option C (BEST VALUE): Buy a Myth G2 reg with ELOP: $54.95 + s&h

To order yours today, please email:

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