Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

PSP Chicago Open 2011: Location verwüstet

Die PSP hat mit schweren Verwüstungen der Location für dieses Wochenende zu kämpfen.

Ob das auch den Livestream beeinflusst, bleibt abzuwarten.

**Fields closed for walking until at least 4 PM, Registration/Team Check-In however is now open!**

I need to be very clear: the venue was hit hard. There has been extensive damage and we are faced with the greatest challenge our crew has ever had to get through.

We have 14 poles that have snapped in half with another 2-3 bent beyond repair. At least 3/4 of a field of netting is gone as well as plenty of cable damaged. The pit area is a tangled mess of metal, netting, cable and air hose. We have yet to test the scoreboards and some other areas, but have a better idea of what needs to be done to pull this event off. It is going to be very challenging, but we are the best in the business and if anyone can make this event not only happen but make it a success; it's the PSP.

Our team must get into the pits to clear all of the debris out, then rebuild the pits and re-run the air hose. They must take down the damaged portions of the 6 fields and rebuild 5 solid fields. This means slightly longer days and many teams will need to play an extra game on one day. The schedule has been updated at:

• D1 and D2 RaceTo-5 starts an hour earlier.
• Anyone who was playing on the DYE field has had their games moved to end-of-day on a different field (check schedule).
• Due to lack of remaining field time, Tactical RaceTo-2 is cancelled.

While our crew work to clean up the mess and rebuild the fields, we ask for teams to wait until at least 4 pm to walk the fields. Registration/Team Check-in will be open at 1 pm today as scheduled but again, no field walking until at least 4 pm.

All the best,

Camille Lemanski
Paintball Sports Promotions
Fax: (866) 237 7064

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