Sonntag, 7. August 2011

Furious Barrels get Animated

There are a only a handful of paintball manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region. Born and bred in Malaysia, Furious Paintball, have become highly regarded in the paintball world for the quality of their products including barrels, batteries and tank gauges. Furious Paintball's Lotus Barrels are used exclusively by pro teams like PSP's Vicious and American scenario teams Desert Eagle and Bad Karma.

Furious Paintball have just released a promo animation video showing the attention to detail that goes into manufacturing every Furious Lotus Barrel - hand-honed from high grade aluminium that results in mirror-like internal surfaces for low drag and optimum ball acceleration, light weight and balanced barrels with scientificall calculated porting designed to maximise accuracy and minimize air usage. Furious Lotus barrels come in a wide range of contemporary annodized colours, 0.689 and 0.693 bores, various lengths and threads for Cocker, Impulse, Spyder and Angel A5/X7.

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